Prevent car windows from steaming up with cat litter and a sock


So will turning the demisters on. Or opening a window.


Opening a window is an unwelcome option when it’s 18 degrees and sleeting. Sometimes there’s not much choice though.

I bought a new Prius recently, and the dealer advised me to keep the AC switch on in winter to dehumidify. I think my mouth must have been hanging open for a bit, but it makes sense.

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This guy’s method won’t do crap. Dessicants require a closed system or a way to purge moisture from the silica as it builds up. They require a long time to work or lots of air flow (as in a dessicant wheel dehumidifier).

Run your A/C, bro.

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It’s practically factory standard now when you set the vent to defrost it cycles the AC as well.

In general if you have the air set to recirculate moisture will build up (and fog the windows, assuming it’s winter) unless the AC is running.

How many do you think I would need to keep moisture from building up in a 31’ RV trailer? Currently there is a lightbulb always on in there, but it’s incandescent so they burn out and end up costing more than a nickel to operate.

The better option is getting non absorbent floor matts.

Up here in MN, the problem is that you track snow into your car constantly and it melts only when the car is warm, and you are also in there breathing out ■■■■■ air.

You leave the car and it condenses and then freezes to glass surfaces. Try AC, always cycle in outside air, open windows and have floor mats that give you max potential for removing excess moisture on your floors.


once a month, heat it up and run a dehumidifier. light bulbs and kittly litter socks won’t do much.

I would also check your seals.

Doesn’t work; my Fiat now smells like cat shit and pee.


I’d suggest a radioisotope heater, but they are annoyingly difficult to find on open market…

Your RV will be a lot drier if you don’t keep seals in it.

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The trick here is to use fresh kitty litter, rather than the used stuff you are digging out of your cat’s litter tray.

Hope that helps!

Or any other animals. Especially water ones.

That said, it’s said that the best seal is a hole in the bottom.

The used one may however work well for keeping car thieves out, and to prevent people from wanting you to drive them to places or borrowing your car.

You don’t need to keep the windows open, eh. Once the air is exchanged, which only takes a few seconds, you’ve got the outside, cold air, which will becomes dryer (lower RH%) once it’s warmed up. The heat in your car isn’t just the air, it’s all of the material in the car.

/ 18degF? Hmm, that’s, er, -7degC? Pfft! Your problem is that that’s not cold enough to keep the heater blowing.

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Is everybody a comedian? It seems like everybody might be a comedian

You know that China is banning puns?

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If you don’t keep your windows closed your car may attract unwanted attention.

Hey, low-hanging fruit is still delicious! :wink:


Christ, just stop having sex in your parked car. Spring for a room or something. Or pay someone to drive it around to avoid getting ticketed for idling while you get it on.

Problem Solved.

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