Save Over 75% On This Car Plug-In Air Purifier

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How quickly / efficiently will this de-hot-box a Prius?


Boing Boing is turning into SkyMall.


Probably slightly longer than if you didn’t have the device. It looks like one of those shit “ionic purifiers” and they’ve been shown not just to be ineffective, they create ozone and that could really be bad news bears in a confined space like a car.

CR’s press release about them, I don’t have a link to their article offhand.


Yeah, ozone will absolutely destroy smells, but it isn’t healthy. You should only run ozone generators in, ironically, a place with no humans that you plan to air out :smile:

Activated carbon works wonders, but you’d need more than a cigarette lights worth, and change the filter regularly.

Wait, why doesn’t it look like a pine tree?


Regular price: $89

Many lolz.


Yeah, granted it looks like a hunk of junk with a blue LED in it (A common indicator of junk).

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If you’re willing to wait for free shipping from Shenzhen, China

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This stuff is getting embarrassing. Or, rather, passed that point a while ago. This thing is junk, sold based on pseudoscience claims, that Boingers should be making fun of. Not hawking. Srsly. Pick a better “partner” to run your “store.” Thinkgeek or Amazon or Rakutan or Wal-Mart would do a better job.


Pick a better “partner” to run your “store.” Thinkgeek or Amazon or Rakutan or Wal-Mart would do a better job

Or the local dollar store…

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I’m willing to wager money that also if you dissemble this cheap piece of crap it will be a fire hazard.

They have about $,40 worth components in them.


There’s forty cents worth of copper in that transformer, at least.

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Damn, that beats the $4.56 they sell em for at GearBest. Though Gearbest does let you choose your colour, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thought. What about those titania nanoparticles that oxidize stuff away? Put them on some surface, illuminate with a few-watt UV LED, and circulate air over the surface with a small fan? There are such paints for air cleaning and they are said to work pretty well. Possibly could also work as fridge deodorizer…

Sharper Image really started going down the crapper when they began ionic-ing everything. It eventually contributed to the collapse of the company, when they lost a huge lawsuit against Consumer Reports, over their report that the Ionic Breeze was useless and unhealthy.

It’s a shame, because back in the '80s they had some actually interesting and useful products. If you happened to live in a city that had a Sharper Image store, there was often a unannounced in-store auction on Saturday mornings, just a bit after they opened. They sold off their store models that were being moved off for other items. You could get stuff amazingly cheap, if you didn’t mind that hundreds of other people had already handled it. I once saw them auction off a full-sized (decorative) suit of armor for $30.

I’ve been personally defending the Boingers ability to make a buck and deliver me free content, even if post #2 is now always a undemarcated advertisement.However, this is laughably bad.

Someone is hard up for cash. I’ll just hope that the kid’s college fund is in dire straights instead of this bizarre turn of events being due to expensive illness. Or maybe this just pays for all the hosting…?

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titanium dioxide, right? it sure as hell could be cool for things like suitcases and other containers that can get stinky. or shoes :smiley:

Does this filter remove toxins?


But then how would the editors and writers at BB eat?? They’d have to downsize from their beachfront California property or sell their Porsche.

Gotta pay the bills somehow!

Free money is free money. I know this isn’t one of them, but given that the Amazon affiliate codes enrich individual posters, and not BB, I don’t think it’s about paying any bills. I imagine that’s what the ads are for.

Besides, if this is the way they’ve decided to start funding the site then it was a horrible decision - credibility is wearing thin and the irony in some of the posts is getting a little too thick. You have posts condemning Amazons business practices right next to Amazon affiliate links and posts berating snake-oil salesmen next to crap like this. I’ve been a reader for… shit, nearly 10 years? I only drop in for the commentary now, I could get the content elsewhere without all the plastic crap maskerading as recommendations.

Edit: I’ve just realised why it irks me. It’s basically forum spam, except not only is it not being moderated, it’s endorsed. Shudder.