The PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier makes sure your air is healthy and breathable

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Whoa… my woo-detector* has just melted. That’s some high-density woo right there.

*soon to be available in the BB shop. $99 only!!


The PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier makes sure your air is healthy and breathable

Counterpoint: No, it doesn’t.


For some strange inexplicable reason I keep reading it as being a “pooifier.” Wonder why…


I read this and immediately thought… You really shouldn’t be breathing pure O2… Not unless you’re really having trouble oxygenating and are under supervision of a criticalist in the ICU.

Oh wait, it’s woo… Nevermind.

If you need to scrub your air you either 1) live in a super polluted part of the world 2) have a medical condition or 3) are releasing substances into the air that you really should probably be isolating to a single air scrubbed area only (like in a workshop etc…)


My house is full of unbreathable air! Luckily it’s mixed with 21% breathable air, so I’m oxygen rich.


Meh. It’s probably fine for $169, but better to order it through Amazon with better shipping and returns (if you already have Prime, that is.)

But the name PURO²XYGEN is pure BS since it does no such thing.

Also, the top review is kind of suspicious:

This air purifier is awsome,it works great.I like it for many reasons.
1.It can fresh air up to 550 ft², very suitable for bedroom.

Really, they used superscript for square feet? I suppose it could be a cut and paste - wait, no, I assume it is a cut and paste. Which is why it seems like a compensated reviewer hitting all the requested details so they can get an illicit gift card from the seller.


Man, you are such a Skeptic! Thank you for your service.

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That’s the bit that bothered you? Not the bit where they use area to describe a volume?


How is it woo to clarify the air of dust, mold, smoke particulates?
Albeit, yeah, the name is terrible.

When the claim is that the air purifier applies a ‘fine-tooth comb’ to the air in the lounge room and hints it replaces the air with O2 (please don’t - I’d rather my incense lasted more than 15 seconds), yeah that’s woo.

Which is a shame, because much of what was otherwise described was not unreasonable. Before I purchased I’d like to see evidence of the efficacy of what’s on offer - the filtration, UV sterilisation etc - but it’s the outlandish suggestions that means I’ll pass without further examination.

I spent way too many years writing press releases to believe anything I read in a press release.


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