This smart air purifier knows when your air quality is bad — and then fixes it for you

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I think I’ll pass Wynd


I have one that is 10x the weight and power consumption and 30x the volume. Cost about the same.


My air is bad right now.

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And once the Wynd Essential connects to the Wynd app, you have access to a whole extra level of cool smart functionality. The unit automatically connects to local official air quality stations and will adjust itself to clean air fast or slow to maintain a healthy environment. It will also alert you to any health dangers in your area.

I’m pretty sure I did not need an app for that, thanks though.

Does it come with a warranty, in case you break Wynd?

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call 1-800-hoof-hearted for customer support.

I’m passing Wynd right now!

That little thing couldn’t purify the air in a dollhouse.

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