15 gifts under $100 for everyone on your list

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I don’t suppose there’s any way that these overly long BB store shit posts could be limited to one a day?


While some of the BB Store items are on the questionable side of quality that ozone air cleaner is just a junk / dangerous product.

My parents had one when I was in highschool. Oh it’ll clean the air, but if you can tell it is on then you are breathing ozone well beyond a recommended limit. I never did like the thing. If you could bag the whole house and saturate it for a few days that would be one thing, living with it, just no.


Yep. Knucklehead brought one of these into work one day. Took a while to convince the boss to remove it because they didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I didn’t want my lungs damaged by a highly reactive gas. I really hate these b*llshit “health” cons that actually injure people.


This post doesn’t specify which list the gifts are for…


Well I guess the air quality monitor can tell you when you’ve built up a toxic level of ozone.

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Or limited to the usual ‘teaser, link’ format rather than making us scroll past dozens of crapgadgets just to get to the next post?

(And yes, I get that the site needs to pay the rent, but I am in UK so never going to buy anything from the BB store anyway, given shipping issues.)

I find it dubious at best that anyone who reads BB actually buys this crap.


I don’t suppose you could just scroll past the postcards labelled “From the BoingBoing Store” and surrounded by grey outlines? Is something forcing you to scroll through entire articles?

Blog view puts the entire post inline and identical to a regular article.


Warning: this is not a standalone camera and requires an Arlo base station. This is the lowest end camera and does not have rechargeable batteries. They use CR123A batteries which are hard to find and expensive.

The ad also claims this camera has a siren which is false - it does not. Only the higher end models work with a siren, and only if you have Pro base station.

I use Arlo cameras and they are fine. Arlo is kind of shitty overall but good enough most of the time for what I use it for.

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Trust me, you do not want to get on my list.

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