White elephant gifts that someone will actually be pleased to receive

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Wow they must really be having trouble unloading the magic toilets. I wonder if the distributor meant to order 100 and got 10,000.


That defeats the purpose of a white elephant. Nothing is worse than a white elephant full of useful things or perfunctory bottles of booze.

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What no Bidet?


I’d be extremely careful about that plug-in car purifier. There are exactly same-looking devices available from Chinese suppliers that in fact are not ionizers, but ozone generators. The ozone generation rate is 3mg/h. While ozone is great for removing unpleasant smells from the car, especially from air conditioning, it’s also very harmful to occupants, so it should only be used when the car is unoccupied. Permissible exposure to ozone is no more than 0.2 mg/m^3, and 10 mg/m^3 represents immediate danger.


And, two years later, they’re still using the photo that purports to show illumination behind the toilet. This product shines only in the bowl.

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Yup. Displaces oxygen and is a mighty fine accelerant of flames.


was that one hundred toy soldiers six feet tall or six hundred toy soldiers one foot tall?

march of the wooden soldiers toy shop


Got there before me!!!

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Narwhal skewers. Cool.

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While I wouldn’t worry about displacing oxygen (the 30 minute lethal concentration of ozone is only 50 parts per million), risk of flame acceleration is a fine point. I suppose that it’s like pre-introduction of free radicals, which are also extremely reactive and can accelerate combustion even at small amounts.
The other risk is causing diseases like asthma over longer exposure.
The bad thing is that Chinese suppliers of ozone generators suggest using them while there are occupants in car.

Tried to look up whether there is a technical term for “being obsessed with bidets” and found this instead:

TL;DR: too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Who would have thought?

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