Priest built LEGO model of Vatican

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That’s amazing!!! I wonder if Papa Fransisco is going to come and view it when he’s in Philly?


The priest looks so happy and pleased in the first image - like Calvin in the sixth panel.

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Everyone likes Legos.


Now I want to get some Lego cows and stampede them through it.


The Pope is now nuclear powered?


I was wondering “how did @old get nuclear powered out of Papa Fransisco” and then I saw the thingie on the corner of the gif!

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Well - not that aircraft. I am pretty sure their Death Star they have might be.


I too was celibate the last time I attempted a Lego construction of anywhere near this complexity…


I hope there was a little cardinal who came out to announce: HABEMUS LEGO!

I hope people who say ‘Legos’ have the Inquisition set on them.


I didn’t expect…


Just in case you were wondering what happens to the money you put in the collection plate. Priests are buying a half million Legos with it.

There are many, many criticism to be leveled at the Catholic Church, but the lucrative lifestyle of Catholic parish priests is manifestly not among them. Parish priests have pretty modest stipends for daily pocket money and when they have something like this, it’s often at the specific behest of a parishioner or family member who supports a habit like this. Sure, they get fed and housed by the parish and have access to a okay car, but if these guys draw even $5,000 in petty cash a year, I’d be shocked.

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Nah, all that Lego is paid for with their Nazi gold. You know, the gold that’s been sitting around the Vatican for decades that they got from Nazis after the Nazis kill tons of Jews and stole all their stuff.

There’s more to the Vatican City than St. Peter’s Basilica and Square. Not a lot more, but still… this is not a “model of the Vatican”, any more than a model of the Empire State Building would be a “model of midtown Manhattan”.

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