Prince Robot IV cosplayer with working TV head







I can’t be the only one who had this pop into their head…


FLCL? No, actually that’s where I went first.


Nice! The world needs more Saga cosplay.


Thanks for the love everyone…You can see more of the process here:

For more HeroesCon photos of other costumes you can check out our album here:


Does pr0n occasionally flash up on the screen?
and more seriously, how can you see out?


No porn for HeroesCon since it was a family friendly con…DragonCon however will have a different video loop with some carefully selected adult screens. :wink:

For vision we had a small 3" lcd on the inside of the head. There is a tiny camera built into the bezel of the tv that gave me at least a small idea of my surroundings…


Oh wow, that’s even cooler than I’d imagined!


Awesome, can you please post more exact instructions to act as inspiration to others?


EDIT: Duh, forgot to scroll down on FB. Wonderful, wonderful.


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