Video: "Best News Bloopers 2014"


Note to self, don’t buy furniture from a Jordanian TV show.

Also, sometimes I don’t understand the Internet. In the land of endless pornography, apparently you need PG-13 cleavage to sell a free video.


pretty much. Although I do love the detail work on her costume. I wonder who she is?


The only super hero whose symbol is her tits.

And YES, it is a shame that someone had to use that to sell the video… :confused:

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I know who Power Girl is, the cosplayer! Who is she?

Just made my morning. Thanks David.

Those horsehead masks CAN DO NO WRONG.

In other news, for the fourth Christmas in a row MY WIFE FAILED TO BUY ME ONE.



I prolly never should have shown her that video.


I missed Power Girl in the video, sadly. But all in all a pretty good blooper/highlight reel. The last crew with in-studio audio problems was hilarious.

Do we even know who is this “four-chan” person?!!!


Where is this in the blooper-real?

“Keep talking Nancy!”

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