Printed circuit board masking tape


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It’s too bad that the copper trace patterns on the tape are so non-sensical.


[quote=“doctorow, post:1, topic:73549”]Japanese text set against an animated background that made mincemeat of all the Japanese-English OCR software I tried it on (I think this is the orders page, but couldn’t get more than one word in four out of Google Translate’s photo-text converter).[/quote]Activate Flashblock, bring up the Firefox developer tools, and change the background of the “body” element from transparent to #000000. No problem.



Same principle, but have a solderable protoboard pattern, a matrix of squares possibly with some additional SMD motifs. Ability to stick a thin flexible adhesive tape to an object or an enclosure and solder parts on it could be pretty useful.


Less impressive, but a similar concept, and both cheap and available:


They used to make that in the 1960s. It was called Circuit-Stik. No SMT, though, obviously.


Looks more like duck tape than masking tape.


I was hoping it was Rok tape, so my strapping made me look like a cyborg


Here is the Facebook page for the tape:

with a Shop Now button.


I always wanted a carpet with that design.

Might help with surface mount components for tape circuits

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