Snail and slug tape is great for electronics projects


Another great tape is the aluminium one used for eg. taping together aluminized thermal insulation panels.

Does wonders as EM shielding. Need to shield a board? Wrap it in a regular sellotape and then in this, then connect ground wire. (Conductive glue, a droplet of silver paint and mechanical attachment, aluminium-wetting solder (the zinc-tin alloy works) to make solderable patch, mechanical clip, or a piece of conductive-adhesive copper tape with a soldered-on wire does the job.) Beware of galvanic corrosion (especially with mechanical attachments) if it should work in wet salty areas and last long. You can go for kapton and copper tapes, but the added performance won’t be worth the added cost, except special cases (mostly aerospace).

Aluminium foil can be also spark-welded. Press the layers together, connect to one end of a power supply (battery, capacitor…), dib holes with wire from the power supply’s other end, and the sparked-through holes will have molten-together edges. The mechanical integrity of the joint is not good but that’s what regular glue is for.

We need a hot-melt conductive adhesive…

The aluminium tape can be also used for lining casings to make them shielded; e.g. for storage of contactless cards, passports, and other potentially remotely-attackable items. Some aluminium-paper-plastic laminates (e.g. from drink cartons and other food packagings, where the aluminium plays the role of a barrier layer against oxygen and water diffusion) can do such job too.

Edit: Also, any foil can be made into adhesive foil if a double-sided tape is employed.


How could this headline not have the word “hack?” You’re slipping, Boing Boing.


Copper circuit tape, pre-slit to more useful widths than slug tape, has been around for a long time. It also has the advantage of an adhesive designed to be conductive, such that low-current connections can be made just by sticking the tape together.

It’s available from Adafruit, MakerShed, Amazon, and most electronics stores. Search for “copper circuit tape” or “copper foil tape.”

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Edit: Also, any foil can be made into adhesive foil if a double-sided tape is employed.

Or 3-m spray adhesive…

Or a regular adhesive. Plethora of ways! :smiley:

Also, don’t underestimate the power of a humble laminating pouch. It’s a transparent foil coated with a hot-melt-adhesive powder. Usable far beyond just paper.

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