Privacy International sues UK govt over Tempora

Privacy International has filed a lawsuit in the UK against the government, claiming that the GCHQ spy-agency’s Tempora programme violates UK spying regulations. The programme’s existence was leaked by the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, whose documents showed that GCHQ was harvesting all communications on undersea cables that landed on UK shores and storing it for… READ THE REST

ugh. out of the entire Snowden article posted earlier today, Tempora was the most horrible thing in an article full of horrible things

I was upset by this article, too. Clearly, we should prevent the publishing of such articles in the future. /s

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The Privacy International lawsuit is an excellent step towards defending our civil liberties, however they’ve been forced out of the normal courts and in to the IPT. There’s a UK campaign I’m encouraging people to sign asking for a full public inquiry into Tempora - Please sign it, as without public pressure they’re just going to try and bury this and move on without debate

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