Pro-Putin party wins election. Look at these videos of election fraud

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There also might be the expected chicanery in regard to on-line voting (a bad idea even in countries that aren’t corrupt and kleptocratic autocracies). I’m sure that the Shirtless Wonder’s fanbois in the GOP are taking notes.

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Is it weird that I’m so low on humanity-faith that it’s feels encouraging that they are at least still bothering to steal elections? Although there is something terrifying about the manufactured consent (apologies for abusing the term) of a dictatorship built on a veneer of popular support, however fake. The internal consistency it allows the true believers really does seem to unlock something scary.


The Putin is still dictator? Wow, never saw that coming.


Yeah, I agree. It seems weirdly low-tech to actually have someone sneaking fake ballots into a box. You would think that with the government controlling the actual balloting process, which I assume includes tallying, there must be a simpler, less obvious place to adjust the numbers. If it’s a matter of trying to game any recounts, it seems unlikely that fake stuffed ballots would pass muster anyway. Plus they have the disadvantage of actually being a vote, which means that in order to counterbalance actual votes, you might have to have more people vote than you have voters.


Putin was still in control no matter what. This election was to decide which parties his army of sycophants belonged to. Most of the opposition parties are loyal to him, and it looks like the entire Duma will be too after all the votes are counted.


Spoiler alert, even if evidence of their election tampering ends up being solid not much is gunna happen unless something big happens with the citizens of Russia. Even then it’s not a guarantee anything meaningful will change, my point of reference being the many stolen elections and protests in Venezuela my family lived through. Russia’s governing party has even more power than what you see in Venezuela so i’m not optimistic about the election, but we’ll see… i’d love to be proven wrong.


told you so agree GIF by Bounce


In Russia, ballot box stuffs you!


A hand reaching out from behind the flag to stuff a ballot box is a little too on the nose


It is blackly amusing that they try to block the camera’s view by standing in the way, and fail. I do wonder who controls the camera’s record, that the result was let out into public view.


OMG, lookit Trump’s hand!

That camera is going to accidentally fall out of a building.


I didn’t know Thing was volunteering to count votes:


Yeah. Could there be reasons for the ballot stuffers or the regime to want to have these videos out there?

Stuffers: “Look at us, look how loyal we are! Please reward us!”

Regime (all at the same time!):
“Democracy is overrated and not to be trusted.”
“It is a limited number of cases, we will deal with them as needed. It didn’t affect the outcome though.” * does nothing *
“There is no reason to even try opposing us, it’d be useless.”
“You can not be sure of anything, might just let us take care of things.”

All of them directed towards a domestic audience, most of them also to people outside Russia.


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