Probiotic startup's legal threats to critic draw attention to his claims

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“Dude, if the product wasn’t safe, I wouldn’t be using it myself, giving it to my girlfriend, and giving it to my friends.”

If this product doesn’t pan out he’d be a great fit for a tobacco company, at least.


Now his hat is on backwards
He can show you he’s tattooed
He is in the music business

He is calling you DUUUUUDE!

CAKE quotes are always welcome


I highly recommend seeing them live, if you ever have the chance.


Was not expecting the CAKE shoutout at the end of the story, made my day


Brings to mind the way Tarkovsky, his wife, and most of his crew died from chemical exposure during the filming of Stalker. Except I have a feeling they had a grim knowledge of the risks involved

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@beschizza Typo in your links, I think this is the hacker news link you want: Lumina's legal threats and my about-face | Hacker News


“Anticavity probiotic”… so… yogurt for your teeth?


It’s mouth bacteria modified to produce antibiotics and alcohol instead of lactic acid, so this is some pretty spicy yogurt.

In theory, the antibiotics kill off the bad bacteria so the good bacteria can thrive. No more acid, no more cavities.

In practice, there’s a lot that can go wrong, and even if everything works as planned taking low-dose antibiotics 24/7 is maybe not the best thing for your gut health.

To be fair, many of the naturally occurring bacteria that you have do this anyway.

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