Problems of 1960s Adolescents


Where is the volume control hidden on the SoundCloud embedded player? I can never find it, and it’s always WAY too loud for my system.

Agreed, it’s really annoying.

And another thing - this clip is adorable. At all times, in all places, the younger generation is no damn good. Listening to that hellish “jazz” music and drinking bathtub gin!

It may be just that increidbly stilted ‘radio announcer’ voice, but I am convincing myself that the first male speaker in this clip is the same actor from the clip sampled the song ‘Snowball in Hell’ from the album Lincoln by They Might Be Giants.

“Not back on it, Joe. Still on it.”

Flansburgh claims the clip of dialogue is from a motivational record given to him a while back, so it’s possible it actually is!

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So keyed-up and independent and conformist!

I collect audio files like this to use as found sounds in music I create. I use clips randomly in a free improv band I play in with a couple of musician pals. I usually bring sections of spoken material like this up into the music in a random fashion but use the volume to extract goodies. It works surprisingly well along with creepy synthesizers, tortured guitars, disconcerting bass, drums and children’s toys. I do this both in my studio and also live, when we are live it really gets the audience to respond sometimes with a laugh or a whinge. There are some truly strange records out there from many well intentioned creators that are fortunately being digitized to save for the internet.


I can always depend on that song to remind me of how much worse my life could be. It’s like an anthem for the Church of the SubGenius.

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“Problems of 1960s Adolescents” said the headline, and there it was:

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Didn’t know teens were grappling with these horrors back in the day.

When I was in high school, I found a film strip that came with a vinyl record soundtrack in the AV department’s collection (for which I worked as a student) called “LSD: The Acid World.” I may have ended up “borrowing” the record. Anyway, I firmly remember the following segment of dialogue:

“There’s a paisley dog on the ceiling… barking flowers at me!”

Yeah, I mixed it into a techno mix or three. :wink:

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