The video for M|A|R|R|S' "Pump Up The Volume" is a treat

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Great clips from early NASA days. Great tune too.


Another recommended example of the found footage music video:

ETA: Apparently not the original 1981 Bruce Conner version, though.


Please take me back to a time when sampling, quoting and transformation was a freely creative process unhindered by the un-creatives in global media companies.


I was addicted to that tune at the time, and still bust it out on occasion. Gotta love a video made entirely of public domain footage edited together. Low budget pop at its finest. :grin:


The moment it drops to The Bar-Kays “Holy Ghost” and cuts to a 1st-gen CGI Voyager flyby of Saturn, that’s when 8 year old me realized what music does to people


Oh man, take me back to my young adult club days. The song and the video were played often. Love it.


Man I remember that. That has to be 30 years old? Or older?
Anyway I rember that video from back in the days when MTV did actually play music videos.


And we all know what it pushed off the number one slot, don’t we?


God, that tune is amazing. At about 4:30 when the fender Rhodes kicks back in it made my toes curl in funky funky, funky pleasure. Damn.


Well played, well played.


There are some videos that should go directly to play… and this is the one.

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aww yeah. i miss this kind of stuff. and this footage is GREAT.


I first heard this on Now That’s What I Call Music volume 10.

For Christmas that year my parents bought me and my sister a stereo portable cassette player/radio each. And an accompanying copy of Now! - I got volume 10, she got volume 12. No reason behind those choices - they were assigned randomly.

I had heard music, but wasn’t massively into it… But now I had a small library to explore. And much of Now! 10 was familiar.

This track though - well, I just didn’t know that music could be like this. I played this song a lot. Along with Crazy Crazy Nights, Here I Go Again, Barcelona, Sweet Little Mystery, La Bamba, Crockett’s Theme, Wipeout, My Babe Just Cares For Me… Look, I don’t want to say that music was better back then, but you have to admit that those early Now albums sure make it look that way…

Anyway, back to my point - I’d never heard music like this. Nobody I knew had. This was new. This was fun. Yet somehow, nothing seemed to follow immediately. In mainstream terms - and as a child that was all I could follow really - nothing followed up on the massive success of this track. It was as though the art world had been full of nothing but Renaissance paintings, and suddenly a Van Gogh turned up and everyone marvelled at it. Then everyone just shrugged and went back to painting Renaissance paintings.

Honestly, I just can’t account for it. People are weird.

A few years later in my teenage years I went full on for rock and metal, and eschewed electronica for a while. Eventually I was shown my folly, and then I recalled this song. Even to this day I still play it far too often. If such a thing is possible…


It’s good. But my favourite still is…

I remember the original. My kids and their friends have seen PSB live. Everyone shouts ‘GO’ or ‘STAY’ and they say it is amazing.




Definitely one of the first songs exposing me to electronica and mixing elements - even if I didn’t understand the concept at the time, and I loved it.

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Here is their 2019 BBC Proms concert - 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing. I was lucky enough to be there.


Too bad Colorbox and A.R. Kane hated working together, and refused another collaboration. 4AD was an amazing label.

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