Impressive four minute mash-up of 50 music videos from 1988

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MY GOD I miss THI’s regular mixtape releases.

These are cool and all, but it’s been forever since they churned out regular audio mashups like they used to. On to new projects.

I highly recommend downloading this entire directory:

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My God, the Fine Young Cannibals really were young.


3 minute mashup, plus 1 minute message at end.

Too much Danzig face for too long. Other than that, well done.

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As a kid in the 80s I didn’t like much pop music

Now I’m 40 and can’t get enough of it

Is it nostalgia if I didn’t like it at the time? The majority of stuff I liked in the 90s doesn’t do anything for me now


Disappointed this latest batch aren’t available to download.

I am still constantly surprised that I hear 80s stuff I hated and now I think it is actually really good. So many bands and artists I have a genuine new respect for.

Apart from Wham!, they’re still shit.


It’s been doing this for every year since 1979.

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The 80’s in 60fps feels weird.

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Just came to say, that opening AIWIY music video was the single reason I became such a big U2 fan; I was absolutely mesmerized by it. Seeing it completely mashed up into this remix oddly satisfying, in a choose your own adventure kind of way. Vive la remix culture; vive la music!

using Black Francis to play rhythm guitar for FYC was subtly brilliant.
I didn’t grow up with cable TV, so I knew the songs but not usually the videos. when I finally saw the Rob Base & Dj EZ Rock “It Takes Two” video in the late 90s, I remember remarking that it looked like the production budget was $100 and a case of Colt 45.

not that this is necessarily a bad thing.


Hey, thank you! Tried a few tracks to see what they were like and just added a nice collection to my running mix.

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You’re very welcome. I really like these single downloads as the individual songs are a bit longer, but if you’re interested in a continuous, edited-together format for workouts, I’d also suggest taking a look at their mixtapes:

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I’ve found I like a lot of 90’s stuff that I just flat out missed for various reasons at the time. I don’t know if I’d call it nostalgia, but I also know tastes can change for a variety of reasons. I’ve got music in my collection spanning well over a century for original recordings, and much longer than that if you consider modern recordings of older music, but obviously I can’t be nostalgic for anything much before 1970 as I didn’t live through it! (I guess I could claim some nostalgia for stuff my mom was listening to when I was a kid?)

I do keep getting hit with the realization that some songs I never thought of that much are simply anathema to my philosophy! There’s nothing like hearing a song I haven’t heard in a decade or so and starting to sing along and suddenly grinding to a halt as you realize how sexist / homophobic / racist / etc. the lyrics actually are. Ah well, one less song in the collection, I guess …

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