Problems plague the new Oakland Bay Bridge

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Thanks, you fixed it before I could.

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@jlw fixed the BBS title you may want to put this back to the Boing category if needed.

And glad I don’t have to use that bridge as a habit.


Seems again we’re hearing about cracked and deteriorating anchor rods on the new span of the Oakland Bay Bridge.

We’re hearing about it “again,” because SFGate ran this story almost a year ago.

“The span that should be named for Emperor Norton, appears to be just fine.”

I shouldn’t laugh, but I have been drinking, again.


It’s a portent of catastrophe! [taken from article due to laziness]

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But no problems with the old part of the bridge. Obviously there’s some kind of materials science artistry that older builders knew but has now been lost to us.

OK. I am removing the post from the front page, and closing the BBS thread because a reader has correctly identified that this post isn’t as timely as I had hoped.

Everyone relax.

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