Produce Stand Off - A food thread for plant-based eaters

Just tried this on a recent camping trip:

I made the sauce in a mason jar ahead of time and cooked them over the fire. I think that sauce would work on ANY grillable veggie.


Made a version of this tonight:

Had a bright sugar pumpkin from a farmer’s market, so roasted that instead of using canned. Upped the ginger level, cooked the onions a reasonable amount of time (2-3 minutes the recipe says, smdh) and had to add more broth, but otherwise stuck to recipe.

Topped with roasted pepitas, a squirt of lime juice and some fresh cilantro. Highly recommend. And the one pumpkin made so much I’ll probably freeze half of it for a delightful winter treat.


My wife Laurie makes this. Very nice on a cold San Francisco summer night.:+1:t3:


Just made some of this tonight

It’s quite good! We opted for the smoked paprika option. I think next time I’d add some jalapeño or cayenne, and probably switch out the apple cider vinegar for double the amount of Frank’s Red Hot or something similar.
Had it as dip tonight, but am working up to vegan enchiladas later this week, so we can spice up the cheese in the overall mix. I’ll report back.


I know someone upthread has mentioned the Mark Bittman “freeze and squeeze” method for tofu. My favorite use for this – or really any firm non-silken tofu main – is as follows:

  • Get the firmest tofu you can and optionally freeze-and-squeeze it. Also cube it. (Either order works.)
  • Dredge in cornstarch, or don’t. Different mood each way. In the bottom of a dutch oven, fry it in about half its depth in sesame oil over medium-high heat. Stir occasionally to get all sides.
  • Remove the tofu and toss one bag’s worth of spicy Szechuan peanut snack (or just some peanuts and Szechuan peppercorns and spicy dried peppers) in the hot oil until the peanuts are toasted.
  • Add some veggies – I usually use chopped broccoli, diced peppers, and diced onions, toss the tofu back in, saute a bit.
  • Mix in one sachet of your favorite mala sauce, or mix up a simple brown sauce with soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, and some cornstarch water. (If you want a more authentic flavor, sub black vinegar for the rice vinegar+brown sugar.). As far as mala sauces go, I like the chili chicken style, or the cumin beef style, and of course mapo tofu works great.
  • Cover and steam until the veggies are tender, stirring occasionally. If you’re feeling decadent, add some chopped scallion batons near the end of steaming.
  • Serve over rice or noodles.

We did it for dinner last night. Not very photogenic, but yummy!
We used canned red enchilada sauce to dip the corn tortillas in, layered them in a baking pan with cooked and spiced black beans (with some corn, onions, and jalapeños added), the “nacho cheese” sauce from above, and some salsa verde made with our last green tomatoes.

I think next time I might try to make it a little more toothsome, maybe more of a broil at the end or experiment with jackfruit. Has anyone had any luck with that stuff? I’ve never tried it at all.


Crossposting, can’t wait to try this, but with the dry-roasting technique:


Might be hitting my “too many posts in a row” limit, but just made these:

Delish. Ironic, since I just posted about dry roasting, but Kenji has never steered me wrong with one of his recipes, so I followed it. Used the kimchi/capers sub for the mustard stem, and the beans took 10 m in my broiler instead of the 2-5 mentioned.
I made double the sauce so I could do it again with whatever is at the market tomorrow looking fresh.

We ordered Chinese takeout last week and I immediately regretted not ordering the Szechuan green beans. These appeased that regret.


Found this link on serious eats and thought others might like it:

We made this last night and it was very very tasty:

We topped it with that “vegan Parmesan” I posted upthread. I think in future I’d reserve even more pasta water, as the sauce got sucked right up by the noodles.
Funny side note, we’re also fostering a bunch of kittens right now, and as soon as we started eating, they crawled all over us like they wanted to crawl right into our mouths. I think it was the nutritional yeast.

Here they are in a quieter moment:


CW: This is a Dr. Beth Mole article, and as such is rife with puns and irreverencies. You have been warned.

Most importantly, the FDA held focus groups that confirmed that Americans do not generally confuse plant-based milk alternatives with cow’s milk. In fact, many people buy them “because they are not milk.” This is a splash to the face of the dairy industry, which has argued that consumers are tricked into buying popular plant-based milk.

There is also this:

The first mentions come from the 13th century, when it featured in a Baghdadi cookery book, and from the 14th-century Egyptian cookery book that describes extensive use of almonds and almond milk.
England wasn’t too far behind as almond milk was first mentioned in English literature in 1390.

A brief history of plant milks - Vegan Food & Living (

And, of course,



Soy milk in East Asian cuisine goes back a lot further than that.


Look like you will have your hands full for a while. :heart_eyes_cat:


Someone just mentioned toast and honey and now I want some buttery toast with honey for breakfast.

Can anyone recommend a satisfactory plant-based butter type thing? I haven’t tried any of them yet, unless I count the Country Crock my grandparents always had when I was a kid, but I don’t remember what that tasted like…


Ooooo. With Round Rock Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey!


Don’t know why that jogged my mind, but I could just get some honey-butter, then I don’t need to gamble on some “plant butter” thing.
Thanks! Got my autumn breakfasts all sorted :slight_smile:

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Yup. The basis for tofu. Soy milk curdled with nigari (a form of sea salt)

Is there a reason you’re telling me this?


Just piling in to your post about soy milk in East Asian cuisine by pointing out an example.

So it was a ‘yes, and’ post, not a ‘let me tell you something you don’t know’ post?

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