Professor Suspended Over Controversial Paraphilia Research

I’m trying my hand at creating a topic I think may be of interest. Trigger warnings abound, as the topic relates to sexual abuse of children.

Dr. Walker has been suspended after their book discussing the limited supports available for those attracted to children (but wanting to intervene rather than offend) caused a furor. Tucker Carlson’s involvement clearly made things worse and the death threats and projection from the typical corners have been abundant.

I provide treatment for offenders who are incarcerated, though like Dr. Walker, my goals are primarily research and intervention to reduce the number of people victimized by sexual predators. My work is much more on the application than the research end of things but I dabble in the research as well. Stories like these are sadly common for people trying to conduct this work and are a big part of the reason why the best information we have about reducing recidivism and managing risk come from countries other than the US.


On top of that, it’s yet another example of an attack on academic freedom, too. It sounds like the work that Walker is doing is valuable and working towards protecting more children, but you can’t expect people like Carlson to understand that nuance.


Yes! It is absolutely a part of that “ivy tower liberal censorship” the wing nuts are always shouting about in academia. As has often been observed, it’s always projection with the right.


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