“Professor” who assisted in Mike Brown autopsy revealed as “fraud, con artist”


Didn’t you guys hear? Michael Brown shoplifted, was a big kid, and wanted to be a rapper. So apparently…

Last night on Coast to Coast George Nori said if Brown hadn’t stolen ‘the little cigarillos, he wouldn’t be dead’. Because, you know, you should expect to be executed on the spot for stealing a few cigars.

I overheard someone the other day say “You don’t see the asians, mexicans, or arabs rioting in the streets”. /facepalm

I hope what happened to Tamir Rice doesn’t get lost in this conversation also. He was the 12 year old shot by police who had even been told that the gun was “probably fake”, he was 12 years old. Burn all the fucking Little Ceasars’ you want, I’d say the black community has earned the outrage and grief. White people destroying other white people’s property over lesser shit (Boston Tea Party) is our proud legacy, black people destroying white people’s property out of frustration from institutionalized racism is terrorism.


I would had reply with a funny facepalm.jpg if I were not already deeply disappointed and sad…


Shoulda known - kinda reminds me of another faker

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Please no spoilers. I haven’t gotten that far!.

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so far it seems all of the ‘evidence’ that it was self defense is so shoddy that we may never know what happened.

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It should be noted that Parcells was one of the “independent” pathology experts hired by the family, and not the expert who authored the official St. Louis County pathology report.


The worst sadness in this all is that the family needed a qualified expert to corroborate the physical evidence to support the eye witness accounts.

Because of this fraud, the family will be further blamed/traumatized.

Have any of you ever hired a pathologist for an independent review of an autopsy ? How does a grief stricken parent - probably with limited savings - tell a doctor from a scam artist ? I mean - this creep was on CNN and seemed credible.

There is a certain species of fraudster that slips through the cracks at the highest levels - the guy with no credentials with his machine that could allegedly detect human remains at the World Trade Center (but he had lots of BADGES on his jumpsuit - this was on 20/20 or Dateline who exposed him) - the fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral - the fake cosmetic surgeon (really a nurse from South America) who injected Priscilla Presley’s face with car parts lubricant. These manipulative psychopaths manage to wriggle into places they do not belong by the ability to play their role well. Most people do not question credentials, and have no way to differentiate the fiction from the truth.

I hope that a qualified expert WILL assist Mike Brown’s family with an educated opinion, and they do not have to go through the additional agony of having his body exhumed.



And they needed it because they believed that the autopsy conducted by the state would be biased in its findings; that it would look first, last, and always for evidence to exonerate the cop.

A very reasonable suspicion, because history.


The Big Lie

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Sadly, it doesn’t matter. No indictment, you see. If it mattered then it would make sense for somebody to sue the bastard, but as it is, he probably won’t even face charges. And that means that what he did is no crime… kind of like Darren Wilson.


This con is symbolic of the swirl of confidence games that prop up the institution of police brutality. This jackass claims expertise, people buy it, following their gut into a “seems legit” shortcut. Our ability as humans, to follow our gut, all the while telling ourselves that our decisions are based on rationality is what allow darren wilson, and all corrupt, trigger happy cops like him walking around, unindicted.

Con #1: police are inherently trustworthy. Rather than have procedures in place that check, on a case by case basis, we are told to “trust” that nothing is amiss. These are police afterall! With training! badges! Hand-selected from the masses for their special qualities!

Con #1.5: (bad police conning good police) if we let them investigate any of us it becomes a free-for-all, and they’ll come for all of us and they won’t care about the truth. They are lawless barbarions.we are the law.

Con #2: Brown is being condemned for his actions, not his race. Just look at the tape! We’re all making a rational decision here, based on facts. People have been ex-post-facto filling in justifications for why Brown had to be shot. It’s like he’s Saddam fucking Hussein. Sure, Brown didn’t have a gun, and was merely shoplifting, byt we all saw him push that cashier, so in hindsight, aren’t kinda glad another thug is dead? Plus the cop’s testimony! (see con #1)

Sure this fucking prick is a con man, but he’s only running one in a long string of confidence games that make people believe they’ve made rational decisions that are really the result of their bitter, frightened, poisened, racist guts.


Does anyone have any questions for a member of the esteemed Ferguson police department?


It seems the reason for my snarky comment has become an early morning snack for the dragon.


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