GOP congressman: Ferguson protesters of 'a single continental origin'


Just goes to prove that there are idiots everywhere.

What REALLY bothers me about this whole thing is that there is no hard evidence. You can get small wearable video cameras for well under $1000. If the officer involved had worn one of these, there would be NO problems at all. If the evidence shows the officer was wrong, then the whole world would know, and the officer could be charged. If, on the other hand, the officer acted properly, then there would be evidence proving this. The cost of this camera is about the same as a decent service pistol.

Anyways, given the current state of the evidence, if I lived there, I would probably be protesting too.


…and that single continent is North America.


I think the current theory is Africa, not North America.

At least, as I understand it, my ancestors came from Africa, even if they did spend a few dozen millenia in northern Europe (acquiring a mutation affecting melanin production in the skin in the process).


Rep. King is having softballs served up to him by a friendly interviewer, and the best he can do is “a single continental origin” ?

Christ, what an asshole!


I love how his weasel wording changes nothing too. His statement is “It doesn’t matter what the police do because they’re only black folks”, and finding obtuse euphemisms for “black” doesn’t change that.


Only if there’s actual enforced consequences for any damage to those cameras, loss of the footage, or the camera “failing to record”.


The camera should be designed with no external interface, just a charging / data port, and two batteries, the reserve one which activates a loud alarm when the main battery needs recharging.

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Surely he was referring to Pangaea.


Like the dash cameras that were still in boxes, in Ferguson. At least I heard that from a different news source.

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Stephen Colbert and The Daily Show folks are going to have a LOT of material to work through when they come back from vacation.


Wasn’t there a story fairly recently of cops damaging the antennas on their cars just to avoid GPS tracking? Can’t seem to find it now.

Of course the cameras “should” be designed that way, but then they’re going to have to survive the challenges of cops complaining about how they have to have privacy on their own schedule. Or, a bunch will be dropped in the toilet completely on accident…


Sorry bro, that money was spent on the Armored Personnel Carrier and CS gas (which we can’t even use in Iraq, it would be a war crime to use it in war)


I know the plow drivers here in Mass were doing that, until their pay became contingent on the unit continuing to operate continuously. I can only image what kind of hair splitting an officer capable of pointing an actual machine gun at a crowd of American citizens would be capable of when it came to something like ‘oopsie-ing’ a GPS unit.

What has to happen is have several independant cameras, each recording audio and video on the officers, their cars, their dogs, their long guns and their tazers. A member of the judicial or legislative branch has to be in charge of the video (I vote judiciary) for appropriate and more direct oversight of the executive branch (the police).

One camera can fail accidentally. Nine cameras with independent power sources failing (with log files) at once would be pretty compelling proof of conspiracy. And 1080p cameras are cheap, relative to all the other gadgets police cars have these days. And where would the money come from?? Selling the military vehicles and most of the automatic weapons would be a good start. Even at scrap value, it’s a start. Throw in a few pensions of officers convicted of brutality and bob’s your uncle - someone watching the watchmen.

And that video in the post - that’s surreal both for what the congressperson said and for the video shown in the background. WOW.


Looks like a slam dunk to me – it is intended for police use. Of course, this is just from a brief search. There might be other companies playing in the same field.

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You’re always welcome to choose your opinion over the facts.

I mean, yes, that’s exactly the innuendo the Congressman was alluding to. Thanks, I’m sure nobody would have guessed otherwise.

But the reality is, there is a town full of Americans, right now, people of American origin, fellow citizens, under siege because when they got upset over the murder of a young man with a bright future, a bunch of authoritarians decided to make it a shoving match.

The reality is that Representative works for THE people, not just his constituents, and he needs to retire now, because he is a compleat asshat.

People of Iowa, get off your asses. Send him back to the farm. Such bigoted intolerance has no place in a government of the people. Work the system, John Adams had a clue, but he needs YOU.


…welp. Someone didn’t get the joke.

What Mr Pascal was saying is, current scientific theory states that all humans originated in Africa. Some of them, as he says, just had a change in skin color at some point in their development. And that’s where white people come from.


From the Washington post:

The department does not have cameras in its 18 cruisers. They received a Department of Justice grant this year for two dash cams and two officer cameras – but the dash cams have not yet been installed.

They have an armored car and a SWAT team, but could not afford even dash cams for the police cars. Priorities.

Police forces with officer cams have had a lot of problems with the cameras “not recording” during such events, however. The cameras get “damaged” or “something” covers the lens. You know, nothing suspicious.

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Christ what an asshole.


Count me as one of the posters who appreciate the humor in your post, and think of it as a fun addition (not subtraction) to thaumatechnicia’s humor above you.