Profile of Japan's female bonsai master


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I have always wanted to learn this art, but maybe I’m still a few decades too young. I have a small Japanese maple in my front yard, and I have no idea how to prune it!


Bonsai is the hideous and grotesque Japanese practice of mutilating and torturing plants in order to miniaturize them. Fortunately, such practices will cease altogether once the Krynoid infiltration of Earth is complete.


Had to look up that reference!




Couldn’t find an english language version.


Those Krynoids can be tricky to deal with.

One minute the seed reaches out and grabs you,


The next you start turning into a plant,

And before the end of the episode you’ve become the world’s most overgrown ivy infestation with plans to eradicate all animal life from the planet.


Still one of my all time favorite Classic Who episodes from my favorite eras of Classic Who.




Unrelated to Japanese Bonsai Monsters.




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