Sculptor builds tiny, elaborate treehouses in house-plants


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I love it when people execute on their vision well. Great treehouses.


His name is Jedediah Corwyn VOLTZ, NOT Jedediah Voltzby.

ps <3 <3 monglo


Sure, it’s cute now, but what will you do after gentrification pushes rent up above what you can afford, and some yuppie couple starts watering what used to be your plant?


They don’t say “yuppie” any more, you know. Yuppies are now eligible for Social Security. You’re supposed to hate and fear millennials now.


My treehouse was in Florida (go figure), at about twenty feet, rickety, and labeled: Alligator Club.

I was armed: Daisy 100-shot BB, one cock.

Totally killed snakes up high.

I still do…


I kill snakes from up high…



I swear I’ve seen sculptural houses built around and in bonsai before; has this work (or something like it) been featured previously?


I want one of these, to put in my tree house, and I’m going to build a tiny tree house in one of the tiny houseplants in a tiny tree house, in a plant, in a tree house, in a tree.


If using bonsai trees it might be cool to use a modern variation of traditional cricket cages as treehouses.


These are gorgeous. I want at least one so bad!


Factoid time!
That gif framerate reminds me of this gif.


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