Japanese cops bust bonsai marijuana grower

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In Japan, even crime is well designed for small spaces. (Ok, some of smaller scale, non-violent crime.)


Can everyone’s governments just stop this? It’s about as dumb as imprisoning people for orange juice.


Some of those bonsai had been in his family for 1500 years. He has requested ritual seppuku, to cleanse his remaining family of shame.

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Finally, their national nightmare is over, now that this monster has been apprehended.


It’s funny. I gather that weed is super expensive in Japan, but young people love the counter-culture aspect of it. Lots of weed T-shirts, Bob marley shirts, etc. all kinds of head shops and stuff. But you ask around if the people wearing that stuff ever had tried it, often they say “no”. My roommate for half of college was from Tokushima. He never turned down weed, because it was such a rare opportunity only rich kids usually had it. He didn’t seem to actually enjoy it much–he would just get so high he couldn’t speak English, and sometimes not even Japanese–and then just pass out.


But it’s just a little weed, officer

Just think about how concentrated those miniature buds must be.

Micronian Gold!

Imagine if everything around was miniature, too. Storing your mini buds in mini baggies, grinding them in a tiny grinder, rolling them up in a penny-sized rolling paper. You could have an irie reasoning inside a dollhouse.

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Another life damaged by Richard fucking Nixon.


Is this the weed they roll “roaches” with?

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