Progressive Democrats are using small-money donations to outraise establishment opponents with deep-pocketed millionaire backers

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So why even bother with the Democratic party? Both major parties are essentially corporate shill farms these days so why not run as a progressive or whatever party most aligns with your actual core values?


Because if you want to win on a national scale you need the political apparatus capable of organizing on a national scale. Same reason Bernie ran as a Democrat instead of an independent.

One could certainly argue it would be better to build a new political party to rival the Democrats, but that takes a lot of time and resources and it’s not going to happen in time for the 2018 midterms.


Oh! It was my understanding that these were not national races but rather local district elections for Congress.

Support from the national party still matters when one is running for a federal office. Not that the DNC establishment is much help. Listen to Act 2 of this to hear what a mess the sane(r) duopoly party is in:


I kind of thought that the point to this article is that party support doesn’t matter in these races as evidenced by people like Campa-Najjar getting more in donations from people than Hunter or Butner could get out of the DNC or King getting more from private donations than the incumbent Smicker.
I mean conventional wisdom agrees with you an all. It’s just that it seems the conventional wisdom is being shown to be a bit wrong.

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Sometimes it seems that, instead of voting, we should crowdfund a “Peoples’ Lobby” modeled after the NRA. Late stage capitalism, etc.


More Americans are quoting the 1976 movie Network:
“I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Donations aren’t the only factor in wining elections.


Getting a foothold with a party or sub-party left of the Dems will be essential for wresting control of the DNC from centrists. Then if the centrist Dems want to start their own party in the middle, they are welcome to it.


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