Project for Awesome fundraising video about EFF


I don’t understand this comment. I checked EFF’s last financial report and of $3.3m income, $0.46m came by way of corporate contributions. I couldn’t even find Google in the corporate contributors list. What am I missing?

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an unhealthy dose of whatever he is smoking?

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The EFF destroying the rights of average people?

“This Doublespeak has been brought to you by the MPAA, RIAA, Disney, etc.”

Rudeness aside, thanks for the links. Very interesting.

I really have to thank you again for your initial links. I’ve spent a good number of hours over the last few days following Google’s funding of EFF and can only conclude that the EFF is at best sensationally dishonest and hypocritical. At worst it’s fraudulent. Whatever way you cut it, the EFF is lobbying for Google against creative artists. I find it worrying that almost nobody is writing about this financial relationship.

One of the first things you discover is the network of relationships between various players in this area from so-called NGOs or charities, Google and its corporate allies, lawyers, government policy advisers, and academics and public bloggers (like Doctorow). Fascinating stuff.

Perhaps the most interesting rabbit hole that I went down was the GoldieBlox/Beastie Boys face off. It was enlightening for me to go back and read Doctorow’s initial postings about this (which portrayed the Beastie Boys as the evil party for asserting their rights over a toy company), and then consider how the law firm credited with Google’s victory over rights holders in the Google Books case is now in the GoldieBlox corner.

Cory Doctorow is part of a push to provide the billionaire owners of Google unfettered ability to trample the rights of creators. It would be fascinating to analyse his posts with regard to this over the last five years. Boing Boing as a whole is playing a role, but it’s also not well understood.

I really can’t line up behind Google on the removal of rights from creators. And if that’s the case, then I can’t trust EFF or their allies on this aspect of their work either. And in the end, I can’t trust much of what Doctorow writes when he turns his attention to IP rights.

I’d like to hear Doctorow’s views. Have I got it all wrong?

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