Project leveraging AI to scan and translate Vatican texts dating back to the 8th century


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Spoiler, its mostly dirty limericks and and fart jokes…


No, really:



But having all these works digitized, translates and searchable could be a treasure trove of firsthand accounts of life throughout history. Really cool.


Yeah, I was patially joking. And yes, it will be neat to see those texts.

I got a tour of the rare book portion of a library and got to see things like a first edition of Copernicus’ book on the motion of the earth around the sun.




The one I remember is Silverberg’s Good News from the Vatican (which was 1971 and won a Nebula).


It would be awesome if the software could identify the handwriting of a particular scribe, and we could get to know (in a strange attenuated way) some of the people who handled these texts long ago.


Too bad that you could jam the number of scholastically accessible information in the VSA could be jammed up a gnat’s ass and it’d look like a BB in a boxcar.

This is a very complicated sentence is very complicated.


Nope. Miller’s “A Canticle for Liebowitz” is fantastic and worth a read. Blish’s “A Case of Conscience” is too pulpy in places, but pretty good nonetheless.


Thanks for the recs. I enjoyed the Simak. Liebowitz was good too. I’ll have to check out Blish’s.


Needs more cowbell blockchain.


we prefer

“information that can dance on the head of a pin.”


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