Prominent newspapers across the United States come under cyberattack

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It sounds like its an opportunistic attack on any outlet using Tribune’s publishing platform and, through it, an attempted DoS attack on the outlet’s servers. It’s also affecting outlets that don’t use the platform in areas where Tribune does printing and distribution of dead-tree newspapers.


‘… they’re …’


I’m guessing that long years of the conditions that have driven so many news outlets to consolidate or sell out to large companies like Gannett have maybe also saddled many news companies with inferior tech capacities to protect themselves from attacks like this? Though one would hope that the Washington Post was well protected.

Random thought following on from that: will any of Jeff Bezos’s kids someday think that it “would be fun to run a newspaper”?


I guess you could say the’ve been Tronc-ated.

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These days, an attack from “outside the US” has a high probability of actually originating within the US.


re: " 129 journalists were killed this year."

Holy shit, how does Russia only have 1? Is Putin slacking off, or just paid most of them off?

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If these attacks are on Fox News, Info Wars, or other right-wing propaganda outlets, this attack will be given significant attention, and paraded as evidence of “the fix is in”/“deep state.”

If these attacks are on legitimate news media, this attack will be alternatively ignored, downplayed, or discounted as “fake news”/“false flag.”

I cannot wait for 2020.


Looks like all the American journalists worked for Capitol Gazette, might be an interesting newspaper.

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Just exactly what I expect from the Republinazis. They never did officially disavow MAGA Man. This is right up their alley.

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A whole lot of them have learned to be quiet. That’s the goal here, too.


The people who report people getting killed, are the ones getting killed.

I’d expect under putin all the ones who’d do the reporting are already dead under mysterious circumstances.


Is your avatar an Ethiopian opal? :heart_eyes:

i guess they are on probation in the higher-end troll farms.


galaxy brain: sometimes a DOS attack is actually a smokescreen. maybe someone wants access to a bunch of CRMs to push out literal fake news during a conflict

Tronc: Someone made our sites inaccessible for hundreds of millions of people

European internet users: Yes we know you did

Maybe he’s just finished


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