Promised auction for popular .blog domain canceled

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Hi Boing Boing, Mark from Automattic here. We want to repeat our apology to customers who had a frustrating experience trying to obtain certain domains. Anyone who applies for a domain and is unsuccessful gets their application fees refunded.

Domain registries are allowed to reserve a certain number of domains before putting the rest up for auction, and we have done that, reserving them for founders and other projects. There seemed to be some instances in which users were not able to see whether a domain was actually available before submitting their application fee. We’re working to solve that problem and clarify our messaging. No one will be charged for a domain they don’t receive.

Just a technical glitch. Nothing to see here. Move on. No one is trying to bilk people out of exorbitant fees to change letters to numbers.

That’s how it goes
Everybody knows

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