Property developer's fellatio-themed billboard stays up


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I just don’t see it, what erection, and where is the BJ?


The BJ and erection joke (although the guy doesn’t have an erection, presumably because he isn’t building in Broken Run yet) are both in the shadows of the figures. My brother is actually building a house in Broken Run, but not with this building company.


Copulatory organ”? You mean a penis?


No, he has an ovipositor. That’s the problem - nobody would complain about a penis.


HA HA HA! That was my “sarcasm”, sorry…


I don’t presume to know why your brother didn’t choose to build with the company, but this does point out the best way to deal with these things: don’t buy from the company with the dumb ads. Otherwise one gets stuck in “any publicity is good publicity” arguments.


What’s bugging me the most about the ad is the shadow looks impossible given their relative positions and how the light would be striking them. He would either have to stand closer to or further to the right behind her (either way would have hidden the ‘shaft’ though).


Dontcha know you’re supposed to use “winky face” for internet sarcasm? “Smiley face”


“sad face”



I’m from New Joisey, “sarcasm” is our birthright.


copulatory organ: A Nightstick.


This seems a billboard at least 180 years before the events of idiocracy. Basically the stupid is already here, it just isn’t evenly distributed yet - LIKE MY COPULATORY ORGAN!!!


I think it’s funny but some things are more important than being funny. If a plurality of female construction workers feel insulted by it it should be taken down.

The expression “blow job” is funny because you don’t really blow on it and it’s not a task. The shadow looking like a different activity than what is really taking place is funny. I enjoy the chutzpah of putting some naughty humor instead of something really corporate and sterile on a billboard.

If it were an actual blow job that would be offensive to me because it would imply that women are there to give blow jobs instead of building things, but the humor is about the shadow changing an innocent scene into something naughty.

I like it but it’s not really my call because I am not a female construction worker.

How about another billboard with a shadow that looks like a man on man blow job?


Well, that sucks.


I heard of no complaints about this billboard for a casino. Maybe I just see things where others don’t.


St. Pete? Yeah, just pass on that image and a touch of suggestive text to your local church(es), you’ll have picketers out there tomorrow morning.

Then you can forget about it and go diving in the springs!


I hear ya. Saw this one the other day and had to take a screencap. So glad this thread gave me a place to put it!


Pfft. Says you.