Proprietary vibes: a new dawn for copyright trolls?

I agree, I don’t see why copyright lasts for the life of the creator. I think the predictability of a fixed term is preferable.

But wow, what’s up with “providing for their family.”

Yeah, that is literally what the “provide for your family” argument is. Do people realize that the vast majority of people who write and perform songs don’t make any money off of them at all? Are we now going to make laws to provide for the families of lottery winners?

i will concede you major and mintor arpeggios, but i call microtones

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Did anyone see the news this morning that improvisational jazz musicians have launched a massive class action lawsuit against themselves?


I am totally suing Bird, Coltrane, and Miles. They infringed on Joplin, Gillespie, Ellington, and Monk.

Wait, do I have standing?

When I read “proprietary vibes” I wasn’t expecting this to be about music.

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