Psychedelic montage of babies going through tunnels while riding in cars


Someone decided that it needed different music:

My God, it’s full of cars!


Got the same reaction looking at Christmas lights with my daughter in a stroller.

I get that way in tunnels too.

Every time that I find myself in a warm ■■■■■ tunnel I start making that face…

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Piaget reckoned that up to a certain age, infants don’t have a sense of object permanence, so if a toy train goes into a tunnel then they are surprised when it comes out the other end. The corollary follows that if the baby goes into a tunnel then the baby ceases to exist.


I’d say it’s less that the baby thinks it doesn’t exist, so much as the baby thinking the world outside the car has stopped existing.

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I like to think they’re still young enough to imagine the experience of coming into existence. “No! It’s happening again!”


Whaaat?! Already?

Why is it that our baby monkeys are markedly less cute than other monkey species’ baby monkeys? We cannot allow this cuteness gap!

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