Psychedelic sequence from Animalympics



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I remember enjoying Anamalympics, but had forgotten that bit. Very nice, with the infinity fish, and the jam rock, and so on and so forth.

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That’s odd. Should wake up soon.


The bit with Dean Wilson the otter is a nice, lightly entertaining bit of Animalympics to watch (a movie which otherwise drags), and includes a brief parody of Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz. Except then this weird psychedelic sequence happens, with an artsyle that’s completely different - it’s quite the Big-Lipped-Alligator-Moment. Interesting trivia though - notice all the glowy line stuff going on in this animation? Lisberger Studio’s next big project was Tron.


I loved this movie! Still have the soundtrack.


Got the DVD on German import! Soundtrack by Graham Gouldman of 10cc. Not one throwaway tune in the bunch. “Rene’s Song” is surprisingly melancholic stuff for a children’s TV special:


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That was seriously trippy.

Was there a segment of Animalympics featuring dog ice skaters, or maybe skiers?


But Rob, winners don’t use drugs.


Video not available in my country…



This video is not available in your country. (Sweden)


ProxMate, a Firefox add-on, will unblock it (but not when it’s embedded). At least it does for me.

I don’t remember this movie specifically, but I do remember the excellent thematically-related TV show Laff-a-lympics, which I believe ran for two seasons in the 70s.


The movie had a pretty good run on HBO in the early 80s. My favorite gag was the Japanese diving whale, named “Ono Nono”


I’m in the US and the message I’m getting is “Watch this video on YouTube. Playback on other web sites has been disabled by the owner.”

It’s probably here somewhere, I’ll have to look for it later:


Just watch it on YouTube by clicking on its YouTube icon in its player’s status bar.


I tried, but it wouldn’t show me one - I just get a screen of fake static with that message on it and nothing at the bottom, including no “watch it on YouTube” link near the lower right corner, like you can usually find. If you can see one then YouTube is being nicer to you than it is to me.

I see that Rob put a link to the the whole 1-hour 18-minute video in his description, but ain’t nobody got time for that.




Whole movie is on Youtube too:


I recorded this off of the Disney Channel back in the early 1990s. My son, who was but a toddler at the time, loved it - I’m pretty fond of it, myself.


There were several different animals used for the ice-skaters; I think one was an elephant. But here’s info from Wikipedia: