Psychics are seeing a boom in demand, thanks to coronavirus and election anxieties

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Maybe if they’d told us about these things last year I wouldn’t think them a pack of charlatans.


Yep, just keep shitting on my faith in humanity. Everyone else is.


Of course psychics and other woo peddlers are seeing a surge in business. It’s the age of the sucker in America, with at least a quarter of the population supporting the country’s foremost public grifter since 1980 as POTUS.


Caitlin called it!


If I had my druthers, these people would be the first to be shut down.

They could be licensed, of course, they just need to prove their skills are actually effective.

Funny the Randi Foundation One Million Dollar Challenge was never claimed. I guess there’s more money in grifting the vulnerable than proving they have the powers they claim.


I’m seeing…that you’re not great with money…the color of your aura indicates that you sometimes spend unwisely…spirits are telling me that you should not be trusted with your credit card…my tarot deck indicates that you may OOPS time’s up, that will be another $45 if you want to continue.


Perhaps the election will be cancelled, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Forget the psychic, give me a time machine and make it November right now.

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