Video: Death threats for sceptic who leafleted at Sally Morgan "psychic" show


Good for him for not being bullied.

If Sally was psychic she wouldn’t have anything to worry about, the tactics he points out in his pamphlet are all quite clearly signs of a scam, and not something a real psychic would do if there was any such thing.


Didn’t we already have this story?


Maybe you just psychically experienced via the power of Clairvoyance?

Otherwise he did mention about speaking to the Guardian, so maybe you saw it there too. :wink:


We did, on Tuesday, but it’s now with added video goodness.

Disclaimer: I have not viewed the added video goodness.


They seem to think in the 21st Century you can still call someone gay and the person will be either horrified for being called such a horrible thing or terrified for being outed.


good thinking warrior

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That’s the part where I laughed out loud. Thinking calling someone gay will do anything other than let everyone know you are a relic of the stone age who should be publicly laughed at only shows that you are a relic of the stone age who should be publicly laughed.

to that end
Bwaahahahahaha! What a tool!


Well, in the 21st Century where sexism, racism, homophobia, and “psychics” still exist.

Skeptics can rise above the slurs (though Dawkinsy meninist “new atheists” remain pretty low-above) and thankfully wouldn’t care even if a disturbing number of people do.


As a psychic (or her handler), you’re surrounded constantly by people who respond very favorably to bluffing. The power of a calculated bluff delivered with sufficient confidence must seem practically limitless to such psychics.

So it must be totally perplexing when the same strategy doesn’t work against their critics. Why is this guy not scared? We told him we found out everything about him and are suing him for libel! It’s almost like he doesn’t believe our claims…


It seems like distributing the leaflets is a perfectly legal thing to do, since it does not mention her by name, but rather addresses scam psychics (yes, I know there’s no other kind) as a class. As before, if she’s the real deal, which she claims to be, then none of the things on the flyer should apply.

However, threats of violence and murder are certainly not legal. That evidence should be taken to the local police/courts, and perhaps those gents should spend a little time in the slammer (wonder if they would have seen that coming?)


The text says this is from 2014, but the timestamp on the video says 2012. I is confused.

IIRC he never mentioned her by name on the leaflets. He spoke in general of psychics. So the threats of libel are ludicrous.

I’m not sure reality is a sticking point for this couple.

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So they’ve got psychic hooligans over there now too as well as soccer hooligans?

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Right, - its - this is ridiculous. Firstly Mr Tilbrook, that was not your finest hour. Now A that is intimidation not only to the ‘show’ but to the theatre and the public. B Antagonising towards the other party. - Plus I see what you have done here with everybody sticking up for you sympathising for your case against Sally’s people, thus making a mockery against her by again making all the Joe Public’s on here bear what that other guy said to Tilbrook about the whole discrimination ‘oh so bad of him to make that comment’ you wanted an audience to sympathise for you - almost like as if you were waiting for him to do something radical so that the world can see that what you call 'all that stuff’s nothing but a con, fake and fraudulent and about bully boys. That’s what this whole video tells me - just so you can stand with a n audience throwing eggs at someone like her. Then who are the bullies ?? Yep Mr Tilbrook I am implying that that is what you possibly intended to do. You can all go against me and tell me what a moral dick I am and defend your cases as much as you like. you’ve all said your bit, Tilbrook ?! -After that ‘are you for Sally Morgan?’ display…that was enough for me - you should’ve gone home, and anyway why do you care so much and what does it matter? it’s all ‘entertainment’ now isn’t it?! but nope that’s enough.

Bullied?! Please don’t patronise me.

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and everyone - if someone branded you all in a negative fashion or your families even - yeah you’d all take offence by it. Don’t be ridiculous. 21st century guys - Threats, homophobia - Racism, lowest common denominator stand up, verbal abuse, defence, OCD, Adhd and everything else that’s wrong in the world right now , war, poverty, crime, social imbalance, economic meltdown, it’s all going on. Should ALL the people involved with any of them spend time in the slammers?

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haha Yes!

Well, yes. It’s against the law. If you are the awful person featured in the video as you seem to be making out, then you are treading a very fine line and you should hope that nothing happens to mr. Tillbrook as you might be what the police would term a “person of interest” were that to happen.