"Gang stalking" victims who believe they are targets of mind control


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Cleveland: "First Amendment zones" will fence protesters far away from RNC

The nice thing is, no one supporting this idea will post here, lest they get flagged for further monitoring. So it’s safe to do what ever here. Sort of like Weird Al making fun of the Amish, “They don’t have radios, they will never hear it.”


I’m a target of mass mind control and it’s really irritating.

They have gotten me to eat McDonald’s and drink Coke and other Junk Food.

At least I managed to resist buying Apple products so there is hope I’m overcoming some of this mind control stuff.


The not nice thing, though, is those of us that do post… have all been flagged for further monitoring.


It’s kind of adorable that they believe a government sinister enough to build secret space-based mind control weapons would be thwarted by a local city council measure.


OH I am already on several government lists, I am sure of it.


Well, I guess it can’t always be Florida or Texas ; heaven knows, there’s more enough cray-cray in the country to go around.


Ah, It’s the Air-Loom Gang, at it again.

That or HAARP, you can never be quite sure.


It’s like being a Sovereign Citizen: the government may be an oppressive cabal of unimaginable depravity; but the right invocation of quasi-historical English common law will render them helpless.


Hah. They just want you to think they’re secretly monitoring you and controlling your thoughts.


Come on, people. These guys have some serious problems. Let’s not mock them.

######Good. They think it’s one more conspiracy theory. Muahahaha.

I mean, yes, it’s ridiculous, but no more than any other conspiracy.

Our plan for world domination is well afoot!

######Because really, guys, past a certain point, it’s just mean.

Wait, did I say that out loud?
######Er, I mean, we should be encouraging these people to think critically, driving them further into isolation.

Dang it, my inner monologue and outer monologue got switched again.


Governments engage in the same kind of wishful-thinking about laws, generally. Get a special title, and print a special rule in a special book, and this controls people in “reality”! A surprising number of people believe in this sort of thing.


Certainly; but governments also use the valuable stage magician’s trick of “plant helpful accomplices in the audience”. Those really help keep the magic going.


This was my immediate thought as well. A local ban? The NSA has to respect those with their mind control rays, right?

I don’t think T.I.s are likely to be reached no matter how open and echo-free their environment.


Guys, guys, settle down. You can avoid the monitors with this simple trick. You see that line at the top of your browser that starts with “https”? The “s” stands for “secret”, so you can post anything here and the government can’t see it. Just don’t think about your post before you hit Reply and you have nothing to worry about.


Conspiracy Theorism is looking to me increasingly like an infectious mental health issue, that causes the infected to seek to infect others.

It’s like a human cordyceps fungus.


Don’t worry, there are solutions…


This sounds completely crazy but a friend of mine who everyone including myself thought was delusional began catching people trying to break into or just leaving his house. He would find his electronics modified and thought it was the music mafia that was rigging his instruments and amplifiers to cripple them so that the sound was bad. He also began hearing voices like on a short wave radio picking up Russian - couldn’t make heads or tails of it. Thought he was becoming schizophrenic, sought out medical help, etc. Then one day while walking his dog he passed a telephone truck working on the lines up on a pole he thought but the panic of the workers scrambling trying to hide the parabolic dish in the truck and the noise in his head as he approached suddenly going quiet made me think twice about him being delusional. Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. I don’t think there is any reason to believe that this was some government plot but you don’t recover from schizophrenia - you just get worse that was 20 years ago and he is completely recovered so what was going on? They make fun of chemtrail conspiracy nuts but Senator Portman (R-OH) in his newsletter said that he approved the purchace of additional C-130 for Wright Patterson AFB to be used for “domestic areal spraying”. What the hell is domestic areal spraying ???


One of the weird things about conspiracy theorists and other delusional people is that they will lie, knowingly, in order to try to convince others of the truth of their beliefs. What this says about their self-honesty I leave to you.

Regarding schizophrenia, your statement about its progression is incorrect. For most of the 20th century, it was believed that roughly 1/3 of sufferers recovered completely, 1/3 would improve somewhat over time, and 1/3 were unimprovable. The model is more recently that 25% recover completely with no further relapses, 25% will improve greatly although they may suffer further issues, 25% will improve somewhat in the long term, and 25% have a poor prognosis with 10% of those likely to commit suicide.

I’m sure a quick google will give you some ideas regarding domestic aerial spraying - I suggest that many local governments have the control of pest species in their purview. For example, many areas around the world need regular spraying to control mosquitos, in the interests of public health.


Finally! A foil hat that fits me and my needs!