Government accidentally sends file on "remote mind control" methods to journalist


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Does this mean that Kathak Sung was right?


I think Alex Jones has at some point demonstrated every symptom of remote mind control listed on that diagram. I guess that means he’s actually a government puppet. Now to figure out why.






I read this as just another way of fulfilling FOIA requests with a “Fuck You!” . Like the agency which sent manually printed pages numbering in the hundreds of thousands.


It’s strongly reminiscent of what Jon Ronson covered in “The Men Who Stare at Goats” (rather different from the Clooney film it inspired).

But the diagrams make me think of the work of John Qunicy St. Clair – who is not affiliated with the government, despite his filings with the US Patent Office.

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They could just save themselves the trouble by getting an orgone accumulator, and then firing a beam of pure orgone at the unsuspecting victim.



We just laugh it off and ignore?



Childhood RUINED!!11!!!)!)))11




I think the news item, is “government routinely trolls its citizens”, and one can engage with that part, without actually trying too hard to parse the stuff they’re trolling us with.


Hmm. Those instructions are for use on US citizens.If you attempt to mind control a European you’ll need a special adapter.




And metric.


Reminds me of stuff like TBBoM that circulated on floppy disk when I was a kid.


All I can say is, if I were a government FOI person and really hated my job and wanted to troll people, or indeed if I liked my job but it was April Fools and I had a drinking problem - this is definitely the kind of shit I’d start randomly slipping into every 1000th FOI request reply, along with instructions on how to fake a moon landing and a document entirely redacted except for the title “Queen Elizabeth Benghazi”


Angels don’t play that HAARP!