Conservative Sinclair TV pundit resigns after threatening to sexually assault Parkland survivor


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Still letting the troglodytes on the air in my home town I see.


I find his odd use of a space before periods to likewise be offensive. What sort of monster does that?


Well, this was very quick. Is it the beginning of the end of stupid remarks made by conservative people on tv?


There’s so many of these people. And there’s something so very badly wrong with all of them. What the everloving fuck is going on in this country?


The same thing that has always been wrong but we have an idiot in chief who gave a wink and a nod to let the racists quit keeping on the QT.


I blame chemtrails, the trilateral commision, the bilderbergs, skull and bones, and all the chemicals in the water turning frogs gay.


Apparently Mr. Allman also spent six months working as executive director of communications for the St. Louis archdiocese in 2004. I can’t imagine why the church didn’t want to keep him around as their official spokesperson anymore.


More like the beginning.


Well, this was a stupid remark made in a tweet. Since we haven’t seen the end of stupid remarks made in tweets already, I guess we’ll be stuck with them for some time to come.

I guess the prospect of making a tweet that will go fantastically viral is just too alluring for people to give up on Twitter entirely, even though it seems that stories about tweets backfiring spectacularly vastly outnumber stories about tweets doing good.


When the management is in a race with Fox for the bottom “news” barrel, and the ones that survive are the most extreme, this is going to become as normal as Trump’s ways with anyone who doesn’t have a pasty pale penis.


I don’t think that ramming a hot poker up someone’s ass is sexual assault as much as a particularly grotesque and brutal form of murder, or torture at best. It’s possible that Mr Allman is just a lifelong fan of Marlowe’s “Edward II”, but I do have to wonder why he chose that particular image, and if there’s some reason why that’s the first place his mind went when he found himself in political disagreement with a teenager.


JFC does their latent violent homosexual-pedophilia tendencies know no bounds of decency?




I get where you are coming from, but since sexual assault is a crime with a victim, it’s more about the victim than about the perpetrator. Even if a perpetrator genuinely didn’t mean to violate someone sexually by their chosen method of assault, they should still be held responsible for doing so if that’s what they did to their victim.

But also I think your last sentence hints at why we might think there was something sexual about this guy’s motives. I mean… why did he think of doing that thing in particular? Reading his tweet was literally the first time I ever thought about David Hogg’s ass (and even then only in a conceptual “everyone-has-an-ass” way, not dwelling on it). For this guy, 17-year-old kid’s asses seem pretty high on his list of things to think about.


In most of these cases a resignation means that the corporation forced the creep to do it rather than get fired. At Sinclair, though, this kind of Tweet might not constitute a firing offense.

That would explain why he’d have fantasies involving pokers and teenaged boys’ butts.




I remember this one all too well. Up to that point, he was an extremely popular weatherman. Here’s his original on-air comment:

“With rape so predominant in the news lately, it is well to remember the words of Confucius: ‘If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it’.”

WABC kept him on (on the production side) but kept off-the-air.


Only for a year.

Once his contract expired in 1977, the network declined to renew it.


Still, that counts… and he had no sustainable career in the industry after that. Stupid, stupid, stupid.