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I suggested once that the MMPI should be used to test for admittance to Mensa during a Mensa test. It was interesting to see who laughed.


I picked 6 for A4 above. I’m not crazy, just a trypophobe.


Criticize all you like, but if you have better way of purging the toad-a-philes, I’d like to hear it!


I’ve seen a watered-down version of this test used for pre-employment screening for low-level supermarket jobs. What in the world could they be trying to screen out, and why would it matter? I don’t even think I’d care if the guy bagging my groceries were a full-on sociopath.


…and ~2008-2010, I took similar tests for such employment (grocery stores, coffee shops, home improvement stores) and apparently failed as I never got a callback for any of those jobs.

You know, sir, with this small paring knife you’re purchasing I could wear your skin…oh, sorry…would you like that in paper or plastic?


Basic rule of applied Psychology: those programs are administered by MBAs and Marketing majors, not psychologists.

The “psychology” they employ tends to be whatever bullshit was popularly hypothesised (without evidence) twenty years ago, but has since been experimentally proven to be total crap.


You say that, until you get home and find your eggs and bread underneath your canned goods :wink:


The proper way to take any psych test is to attack the doctor. The voices are your friends. Don’t let them steal your essence.


How did you get outside of my head?


Afaik the tests are to see if they are likely to steal from the business. Sociopaths and people who are dishonest might affect the bottom line.


I’ve been sent to warn you, Crenquis. They know. They all know. You’re almost out of time, put on the special dress and get to Washington. You know what needs to be done.


Finally! My murder sun dress will get to be fully appreciated by all.


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