Psychological asymmetry - why we feel lonley and odd


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“The solutions to psychological asymmetry lie in two places – art and love art”


Thanks - but I prefer to make a virtue of them.



Mispelled LONELY in the title.




So, you had a crush on a clown and were rejected?


That’s Lon.

How can one feel Lonley when they have “a thousand faces”?


I like some of their videos, but this one sounds like just simple optimism. Assume that people are similar and others feel much as you do. But:

  • people feeling similar is socially redundant
  • supposing that you truly know yourself based upon your feelings of identity might be naive
  • others are not a monolithic mass you are different from, they may also be different from each other

People rely upon a lot of lazy, unspoken guesswork. I would rather we just explicitly negotiate shared expectations, rather than always jumping to conclusions about each other.


I thought connecting to everyone and everything was what dropping acid was for.

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