People buy products with faces to stop from feeling so lonely


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I don’t know, my alcohol has a distinct lack of faces on the label but i quite like buying those.


Don’t judge me.


I would never…


Eating anthropomorphic foods may be sublimating a darker impulse rather than a sad cry for communion. Or both.


My pot-brownie I just ate didn’t have a face on it. I think?


Drink until it looks like the whiskey has a face


I will report back…



Henry is a 2.4 gallon low-noise vacuum from the British company Numatics, and it is designed for general home cleaning. Apparently Henry is so popular that over 5 million units have sold!




i can relate.


This one has a face too:





That’s why I decorated my place to look like the House of Black and White.


So… what do we think the odds are that this study will be replicated?


Someone’s buddy:


Lonelines, Frauenfelder, let me tell you something, loneliness doesn’t make you lick somebody’s face and then take big bites out of it insatiably until there’s nothing left. That takes something else, something darker and more primordial that just loneliness, something I like to call zombiness!



Tip: Imagine that you are living in the works of cartoonist Robert Crumb by simply affixing two googly eyeballs to your toilet and pretending that it talks to you!