You can have a giant lollipop made of your face


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I had one made for me, the likeness is uncanny:





Do they only do faces? Asking for a friend.


Not as good as a Hoffsicle.


I like you.
I am going to photograph you.
Then I will have a candy made in the shape of your face.
I will lick it a lot.


I will sit across from you on the subway licking a lollipop that looks like you.


I have to tell Disasterina!


I can’t think of a single situation where this idea could ever cause discomfort or a restraining order.




This made me wonder when face licking became code (on film) for a person who is sadistic or deranged.


IMDb says 1992.


OMG - that’s definitely the scariest example I’ve ever seen! :grimacing:




My face is not the greatest but I like it where it is.

No need to remove it and make candy out of it KTHXBYE


haha Suckers!


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