Facial Fitness PAO: weighted rubber wings you put in your mouth and waggle up and down


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Pair that with the Simply Fit Board for the ultimate, all-body workout.


Needs more ShakeWeight…


Worlds smallest personal aircraft.


$124! Guess who won’t be buying one?

(Actually, I wouldn’t buy one if they were $1…)


reports Disappointed

That’s it. You’re on the list.


That was…a top tier infomercial.


I’d be interested in finding out if this works; people who have stronger “smile” muscles tend to have that upward tilt to their lips/face, right? and that’s generally accepted as the “cute” look so…yeah.


This is a gimmick designed to separate you from your hard-earned cash. Everyone knows that the secret to life-long fitness is Prancercise. https://youtu.be/o-50GjySwew

(Just rewatched this video and was struck by the unfortunate camel toe on display. Question to self: Do camel’s prance?)


I have no idea what that poor model was paid to look so ungodly dumb but it sure wasn’t enough…Looks likes she’s trying to deep throat a Manta Ray


Maybe this could get some mileage as a sex toy/workout system combo?


If they were $1, I would buy about ten to give to people.


Q: Can you use it to help you swim?


Just to be clear, is this the kind of silly product that BoingBoing wants us to make fun of, or the kind they want us to buy?


It must be the former, simply because there is no link to the BoingBoing store.


It’s the face-fucking bats that “Bob” warned us about!


“Now honey, be sure to make eye contact with the camera while you’re doing this… yes, that’s it…”

Body language (not the Queen song)

South Park did a lovely episode on ShakeWeights. I wonder if this Facial Fitness thing likewise dispenses cab fare afterward…


I think it could take Japanese porno movies to a new level.


If you haven’t seen this you should take a look…