Finally, a face-slimming gadget you can leave the house in


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Very discrete.


It doesn’t come with an armbinder, does it?


all for only $2.29!

From Katell !


Oh come on man!

Face-slimming? really?

Bundled with Shake Weights no doubt.


Total BDSM accessory. Rob, i’m glad you’re being so honest about your… extracurricular interests.


What the hell were you looking for on Amazon that it showed you this? Oh gawd, I clicked on it. BRB, gotta scrub my Amazon browsing history before Google AdSense tries to sell me a home prostate exam.


Just remember, when you buy something from Amazon it stays in your purchase history forever.


I prefer my sex toys to be continuous differentiable.


My only reaction, like the model’s, is “ooooooo!”


After reading the comments here, I will avoid clicking that link. Not going to fall for that!


Looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein has turned a corner. She really is starting to look young.


Is it safe to wear while tied to a bed?

Asking for a friend.


I’ve been drooling over one of these for days.


Some people pay extra for that kind of action.


Sounds like you already have one :smiley:


It’s only a matter of time before this is up on pornhub.


Oh, “face-slimming!” I’m an idiot.


“Living Doll”



And today’s anime segment is titled, "This face slimer was a good investment!"
Shame on you Felton, do you kiss your mother with that, uh, gif selection???