Psygnosis Amiga Game Generator




Loved the Amiga. Had full access to the one in High School.


And probably Psygnosis’ most popular game was Lemmings, which was entirely cutesy. Although I suppose it may not count as a “true Psygnosis” game as it was only published by them, not developed by them.


Man, everything about Psygnosis game boxes oozed an inexplicable cool. I remember lingering over copies of Baal and Obitus in my local Electronics Boutique or Software, Etc., enticed by the box art, but cautious of the lack of any indication whatsoever that the games were actually any good.

In fact, emulators and services like Steam and are probably one of the greatest things to happen in terms of bringing closure to my younger self. It’s nice that I can finally know that my decision to walk out of the store with Monkey Island 2 over Armour-Geddon was a good one.



Link yeilds a 404:



This is brilliant. I love all the classic Roger Dean art in inappropriate settings.


As it happened, I ran across this article after leaving The Lair of the Defecator…


Never played games much on mine but (back in the day) I’d get stoned and make designs on the paint program, whatever it was called- the one with mirrors, strobes and stamps. Anybody know what I’m talking about? Wish I could get that for Windows.


“…the world’s first psychedelic computer…”



Kai’s Power Tools, possibly? I never used it but I definitely remember checking out the box many times.


easily my favorite one yet




Entirely? You must be forgetting the suicide bombers.


What made it psychedelic?


The first computer I bought was an Amiga 500. The second was an Amiga 3000. Two more steps in the long road of my geekdom, I guess. I remember a lot of Psygnosis titles, although hitting that random generator a few times, I started to wonder if some of those were real and I just don’t remember them.



F**K you Psygnosis!!!


Deluxe Paint?


Guru Meditation baby!

and thanks for this Rob :slight_smile: I remember hours spent re-reading the same game magazines (couldn’t afford more than one budget game every month or two), looking at the screenshots for Shadow of the Beast, wondering what it would be like to play (difficult and not that much fun it turns out).
Looking at the original box art, mayby there’s a place in V2 for a button that adds random stickers to the picture. Perhaps even an old price sticker, Shadow of the Beast would have been about £19.99 brand new, right?