Publisher recalls book about Anne Frank's "betrayer"

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@beschizza, the title is missing a verb

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Or an adjective, “shit”.

Edit for context: the title as originally posted omitted the word “recalls”.

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To be clear, it’s only the Dutch publisher that canceled it; the English-language edition has been on bookstore shelves for a couple of months now.


Is this the book by Rosemary Sullivan, The Betrayal of Anne Frank? We just got it, and I’d like to know if there is a likelihood that we will be instructed to pull it for bad/false research in a few weeks. It’s happened before, sadly.


Accusing anyone of something as bad as betraying the Frank family to the Nazis without having solid evidence to back up one’s claims sounds like a shitty thing to do. Accusing a fellow victim of the Nazis without any solid evidence to back one’s claims just kicks it up into “Christ what an asshole” territory.


Yes, that one

As was pointed out in earlier threads on the accusation, it feeds some of the classic antisemitic tropes that have returned to popularity in recent years.

Thanks for reminding me, I will contact our State Librarian later today and request the book be pulled systemwide.

ETA: Done.


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