Anne Frank Center wants Trump's in-house avowed Nazi to resign


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What? What’s this? I don’t know no Anne Frank. I never met with her, I do not have any business deals with her…


Without reading the article…

Which one?


For this administration, being a racist is a necessary qualification for the job.


You just know some arsehole out there is reacting to this by whinging “if they’re so into mutual respect, where’s their respect for these Hungarian Nazis?”

Gorka is one of the administration’s more despicable characters, which is saying something. That he’s a coward as well on the basis of his lie about the medal and his membership is the cherry on this shite sundae.

[related: a NYT article this morning about how they’re crawling out from under the stones all over Europe. There was a time when the U.S. could be counted on to condemn these hateful fascists, but that’s over.]


After reading the article, wanting him to resign is clearly the wrong descision.

If deportation is a possibility from the lies during his immigration, go for that instead it’d be a far, far more amusing outcome. :wink:


That would be like cutting the tail of a snake.


The real issue here is the intolerance of the left. Why can’t they practice what they preach and tolerate someone with a different position than them ?



Time to get tough with immigration law.


“Anne Frank squatted on a property for months and paid no rent. Illegal and sick! Police evicted her but liberals made her a hero. Sad!”


Without reading the article, I didn’t know. This guy wasn’t even in my top five guesses.

That’s too many nazis. They all need to resign.


But you’re talking crazy!
They don’t speak Spanish in Hungary!



I already hated this guy quite a bit without knowing he was a Nazi (based on his insufferable, comment-troll-come-to-life personality). Now I learn I was underhating by a large margin.


Actually, I think Anne Frank is someone who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.


It is 2017. The sad thing is simply that a group like the Anne Frank Center has to even say this.

I hate this administration.
I hate that I have family and friends that voted for this abomination.
I hate that this is the country I live in right now.
I hate that this is the freedom I served to protect.
I hate that I have to defend common decency and reason.
I hate that I have to have verbal and mental battles over things we should all agree on at this point openly.
I hate everything about our country at this given moment.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

It’s Nazis all the way up.


All hail @crenquis!


‘Anne Frank? I’d say she was a three, maybe a four.’




Child of a Hungarian refugee from '56 here, and I am appalled and embarrassed by the history of the Vitézi Rend and the Arrow Cross, and furious that this outright fascist is in such a position of influence in our government. Damn him and the buffoon who appointed him, and may they be swiftly swept into the dustbin of history.