Anne Frank Center wants Trump's in-house avowed Nazi to resign


I’d say it’s just begun, now that they’re showing their ugly faces we know where to punch!


On the one hand Trump seems to have had deep and unsettling ties to all manner of literal fascists since day one. But on the other hand Hillary Clinton’s first name can be misspelled as “Hitlery” so who are the REAL Nazis??


The idea of deporting him reminds me of the movie music box


It will never cease to amaze me, what loathsome people fixate on in others, is invariably true of them, first.

There’s no loathing like self-loathing.


Yes, let’s get some law and order here and deport the lying Nazi scum. I’m sure our stalwart defenders of Democracy will leap into action to reject this sort of creeping Naziism… what? no?

I’m shocked, just shocked that, actually not so shocked, really not shocked at all.


He’s also a non-metaphorical Nazi.

The advent of the Internet has truly watered down the term “Nazi” to be almost a caricature. This administration has caused it to be watered down even more.

Are members of the “Alt-White” nazis? For the most part, no. They don’t necessary subscribe to nazism, totaliarism, or authoritarianism. They’re racists, bigots, misogynists, and otherwise sick excuses for humans…but not they’re nazis.

Richard Spencer? Close enough. Steve Bannon? No, he’s just a worthless, racist piece of shit, but he’s not an nazi. This Gorka fucker? An actual Nazi.


Underhating: Our silent shame. :pensive:


With all due apologies to Primus (re their song, “Too Many Puppies”):

Not enough Nnnnaaaaazzzzziiis
Are being Shot! in the dark.


Better tell that to Hajna Toth. She’s ass deep in her local gimnazium’s Spanish class and looking at an F.


I was thinking some kind of family card game. But with Nazis.


That center monkey? THAT"S the look we want to see on Nazi’s faces.


And it ain’t over yet… not by a longshot.


Presidential pardon in 3 … 2 …


Wouldn’t translate well. You can get an accept number of monkeys.


Welcome to being Black on a Monday. It gets better towards the end of the week, but you never know when you will fit the profile, they gotta make those weekly quotas. If you are planning on staying Black here are a few tips:
-We no longer fist bump or man hug, a firm one will do.
-We know jesus aint Black we just claim him to piss off and confuse others
-If you live in a major city, do not go outside on New Years or the 4th…just don’t
-Keep these in your wallet at all times;
Ghetto pass, which can be revoked if the following happens, miss a beat, get caught eating quinoa, never watched The Wiz, using kings English at the wrong time, and many many other infractions.
The Race Card, this will never be used else you would be accused of using it so it must humbly stay in your wallet next to that old ass unused condom.
A picture of one of the following: JFK, Black jesus, or MLK they are all equal in the eyes of our great grandma (big ma) and will protect you from harm.

Power to the People


I’d say you’re doin’ it right, then. You didn’t need a libretto to ID the villain!


The first item on their response checklist is reflection: “No, you’re the real Nazi here!”

I wonder if they’ll skip that for the Anne Frank Center?


I don’t know about this Nazi stuff, but I heard that he’s a Republican.


Come on. It’s too early in the thread to invoke Trump’s Law.