The GOP candidate who would represent a suburban Chicago district is an open Holocaust denier, white supremacist and anti-Semite


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Wish I could say I was surprised by this turn of events…


Evidently the “credibly-accused child molester” card didn’t work out for the Republicans, so they’re trying out alternative strategies to bring home the base. It’s certainly bold, but I’m not sure I can really get behind it.

Incidentally, it says that he got the nomination because he gathered enough signatures. Is there no mechanism by which a political party can say “We will not recognize your candidacy, and we’ll sue you if you try to use our name”? That would seem a rather basic safeguard to build in.



Ladies and gentlemen, the modern GOP. Obligatory:

I wonder if some genius progressives are going to vote for this scumbag in order to teach the (demonstrably corrupt) Illinois Dems a “lesson.” That kind of gameplan never backfires.


But I thought that Miller and Kushner were “good Jews” for the white supremacists! David Duke said so!


Anyone want to bet tRumpf endorses him?


Trump is such a fucking attention and approval seeking garbage monster, this could actually turn out positively for America. If enough Literal Nazis reject him (#2Nazi4Trump, I’m sure) it might drive him to reject their ideology, as he seems to pick ideologies solely based on whether or not they kiss his ass.


See also from last week


It is such a strange platform to run on.

“I want to address our rampant crime, crumbling infrastructure, unemployment rate, and insecure boarders by making sure everyone knows: the holocaust was a lie. Yes, once we all accept this fact, abortions will be a thing of the past, cars will run on cheap gasoline, and everyone will have a chicken in their pot!”

Fucking nut job.


I’m sure he’s just motivated by economic hardship.


Membership in this organization is open to any white American citizen of European, non-Jewish descent

So they accept Italians and Irish as “white people”. I guess they’ve made some progress in the last 160 years.

The best outcome would be for a progressive RINO to jump in and trash both of the bad choices.


This is it, this is the modern GOP. They vacillate between veiled acceptance of racism and open acceptance of racism, while denying they harbor any racism whatsoever.


They also accept liberals and socialists. Entryism sounds like fun :smiling_imp:


indeed (via the Trump-inspired assholes thread)

Bayer and Monsanto merge into a new company called "Bayer" because Nazis have a better reputation than Big Ag

I’m sure the GOP 3rd District are properly appalled by this, but all they had to do (after previously bouncing this guy on a technicality) was to require that all candidates sign a statement rejecting racism and antisemitism.


I’ve never understood why neo-nazis are also so often holocaust deniers. Shouldn’t they view the holocaust as a good thing?


It’s a public face vs. private belief thing. They claim that the holocaust never happened, so they can hide the fact that the mass murder of other human beings really gets their rocks off.


Can anyone explain to me why there are really only 2 parties in American politics?

While the British and Canadian parliamentary systems seem to produce fairly milquetoast governments (Britain’s current gov’t notwithstanding), there seems to be enough variety in terms of political affiliation that you can at least vote for a candidate who’s values and politics broadly overlap with your own. Doesn’t seem that way in the US though - is it the winner-take-all primary system, is there something about the constitution that demands it, or is the world that black and white to Americans that they don’t seriously entertain the thought of alternatives to the GOP and Dems?


I’d bet on Trump’s advisors urging him to not endorse, but advising on complete silence (that being – so far – a nod ‘n a wink to his base).